Lisa Frank Net Worth: Full Bio, Age, Salary, Wikis, Earnings, More

Lisa Frank Net Worth: A 66-year-old American businesswoman named Lisa Frank lives in California. Lisa Frank is the founder of Lisa Frank Incorporated, which develops wacky designs for school supplies and other products that are targeted specifically to children. A large part of Lisa’s commercial design is dedicated to neon colors, rainbows, and various animals, such as unicorns, dolphins, and pandas. A net worth of $200 million is estimated for Lisa Frank by 2022.

Full NameLisa Frank
Birth DateApril 21, 1955
Birth PlaceMichigan, United States
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJames A
Net Worth$200 Million

Early Life

On the 21st of April, 1955, Lisa Frank was born in Michigan, United States of America. She was introduced to art by her father, an art collector. She also gained access to many well-known pop art artists like Peter Max through her father.

Her educational background includes studies at the Cranbrook Kingswood School in Michigan. She attended the University of Arizona for her undergraduate studies after graduating from Cranbrook in 1972. The university student created a line of plastic jewelry, named Sticky Fingers while studying in her sophomore and junior years.

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Lisa Frank Net Worth and Career

It specialized in pendants with novelty characters and colorful fruits. Her designs also included cartoon characters, including Betty Boop. In the following years, she created the first colorful sticker set from her first jewelry line. Founder of Lisa Frank Incorporated, an independent non-profit organization, Lisa Frank was born in 1979. Her company was founded at the age of 24.

Her original characters and designs were used only for the initial stickers produced by the private company. The airbrush technique was used to color all her designs, which took anywhere between nine and 36 hours to complete. Frank’s original designs were used to create school supplies for children in 1987. In those days, as the company’s school supplies became more popular among children, the company’s success started to rise.

Following the introduction of artwork displaying neon colors, rainbows, and stylized illustrations of animals such as pandas, unicorns, and dolphins, the company’s products became increasingly popular. Girls of the middle and elementary school grew up choosing the company’s lunchboxes, toys, Trapper Keepers, and stickers in the 1980s and 1990s.

Lisa released limited-edition leather Reebok Classic shoes through a partnership with Reebok in 2017. A logo she created for John Mayer’s Instagram TV series “Current Mood” was also featured. Also in 2020, Frank will partner with Morphe Cosmetics on a collaboration that will include limited-edition makeup brushes, makeup athletes, and beauty sponges.

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Personal Life

During her tenure as CEO and President of Lisa Frank Incorporated, James A. Green was married to Lisa Frank. In 1994 the couple tied the knot. Hunter and Forest are the couple’s two sons.

James and Lisa divorced in September 2005, and shortly after that, Lisa sued him to have her removed from the company. The court decided that Lisa should be given full control of the company when James resigned in October 2005.

Lisa Frank Net Worth

It has been estimated that Lisa Frank’s personal wealth will be approximately $200 million by 2022. Having managed Lisa Frank Inc. for over four decades, she has accumulated a colossal amount. According to reports, since the company was founded in 1979, it has raked in over $1 billion in revenue during her divorce from Green.

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